we are award-winning  premium quality plush bears playing the most loved classical music compositions

parents' preferred choice for babies' early music education 



for pregnant mums & newborns


around 24 weeks, baby’s ears in the womb are rapidly developing. introducing a newborn to classical tunes can brighten their mood, benefit their brain, and build a bond between parent and child.

for kids


encouraging children to learn to play a musical instrument. playing a musical instrument creates new pathways in brain and supports development of spatial reasoning.

for adults


listening to classical music has both mental and physical benefits: from improved sleep to lower stress level.


benefits of classical music 


soothes and relaxes


aids in developing memory, which can improve overall learning


sparks creativity


improves concentration and pattern recognition


builds a lifetime love of music


builds a bond between parent and child

... many experts think that classical music may stimulate the brain in a way that helps educational and emotional development.
— BBC News

meet virtuoso bears


Listening to and making music is not only an auditory, but also a multisensory and a motor experience. Making music can change brain function and brain structure.
— Dr. Gottfried Schlaug, Director of the Music, Neuroimaging and Stroke Recovery Laboratories and Harvard Medical School

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“new favorite toy”

finally, a toy that makes sounds that doesn’t cause added stress! both of my children have adopted amadeus as their new favorite toy… so much so, that I’ve had to institute the “five-minute rule” for them to take turns playing with him. and my son already asked me if he can take him to bed tonight so the soothing music can help him fall asleep.

“inspires a love of classical music for children"

"printed inside the hidden pocket (..) is a first-person note 'from Ludwig Beethoven' that explains when and where he was born, and how he developed a love of musical composition. It's very sweet and has inspired my older son to take to youtube to discover even more of the songs that were created by the famous composer."

older kids and even adults will get a kick out of him"

my kids are 15 and 12 years old, so they may not be the exact targeted audience for ludwig.... but they absolutely love him! they’ve been fighting over him ever since he arrived, and yes, they’re constantly pressing his tummy to play the music. I once caught my son (the 12 year old) napping with ludwig tucked in his arms, music on.

— taku, amazon reviewer


Curated Experience


It is not just about listening to classical music, it is about experiencing it through the most loved toy - an object of fondness and affection.

Zosia, 9 months


lovely baby shower gift

for mommy and baby bonding times