1. Do the bears require batteries?

Yes, the music module requires 3 x AAA batteries. For bears sold on Amazon.com, the batteries are included. For bears sold in Singapore on www.vosego.org, the batteries are not included. The batteries compartment is safely concealed with a screw making it impossible for children to be accessed. 


2. What age are the bears suitable from?

They bears are safe to use from birth and can be enjoyed by children up to 7 years & older. They meet all safety requirements for children 0-3 years stipulated by the European Union EN71 as well as United States ASTM F-963. 

It is recommended to expose babies to music as early as possible since it stimulates their brain in a way that supports emotional and cognitive development. 


3. How to start the module?

For bears sold on Amazon US, where the batteries are included: Simply turn the knob on the back of the module to ON position. Then, press the main button on the front of the module for one second before releasing. Music will start playing.

For bears sold on Amazon SG, 3x AAA batteries need to be inserted. Follow these steps:

#1 Unscrew the music module.

#2 Insert 3 x AAA batteries in the correct PLUS/MINUS polarities configuration. Make sure the batteries are new. Do not mix old and new batteries.

#3 Move the ON/OFF switch to ON position. 

#4 Press main button for one second. The sound will start playing. 

#5 Close the batteries compartment with a screw. 

In an unlikely event that the sound does not come out, repeat step #2 by rearranging the batteries to different positions. For example, place the battery that was initially in the middle raw to one of the sides and the one that was on the side to the middle. 


4. How to regulate volume?

Press and hold the main button. The volume first decreases to the minimum level and then increases up to the maximum level. Let go off the button when the volume reaches a desirable level. 

The maximum volume is set in accordance with the safety requirements for infants. It may not be loud enough in an environment with a background noise, but it is perfectly loud in a quite room. 


5. How long does the delivery take?

For orders placed on Amazon US and Amazon SG, delivery times vary depending on your location and account type (Prime customers enjoy faster deliveries). Choose delivery option at checkout.


6. Is there a warranty?

We offer a 90-day warranty on manufacturing defects. Find our more details here


7. Do you accept returns?

For orders placed on vosego.org, the return policy is explained in details here

For orders placed on Amazon, Amazon-specific policies apply.


8. Can I cancel my order?

No, once an order is placed, it cannot be cancelled as it is automatically scheduled for a delivery. 


9. What are the music recordings like?

The recordings are a selection of seven most famous compositions by Mozart and Beethoven. They are professionally recorded musical pieces and not midi tunes played by most other toys. 


10. Where is the composer's biography print?

Th composer’s biography is printed on the inside of the music pocket where the module is located. Take out the module and pull out the pocket to find it. 


11. What awards have the bears won?

Virtuoso Bears have won multiple prestigious toy industry awards:

  • Gold Award from Oppenheim Toy Portfolio

  • 2018 Plush Toy of the Year Award by Creative Child Magazine

  • National Parenting Awards Winner 2018

  • Gold Award from Mom's Choice Awards