“new favorite toy”

"finally, a toy that makes sounds that doesn’t cause added stress! both of my children have adopted amadeus as their new favorite toy… so much so, that I’ve had to institute the “five-minute rule” for them to take turns playing with him. and my son already asked me if he can take him to bed tonight so the soothing music can help him fall asleep."


background music for play and naptime”

"I love how the music is soft. not too loud but not too quiet. It is perfect for background music while your child plays or naptime music. the bears are super snuggly, too! the virtuoso bears will become your child’s favorite sidekick!"

— myfourandmore.com

- Yvonne Tan Oh @yvonnetanoh

"this gift would work for either a boy or girl, which makes baby gift shopping simple."



“I really love this Virtuoso Bear”

"I fell in love (with  Ludwig) as soon as I saw this little cutie! I am literally hiding it from my youngest because I’m not ready to give it up yet, and he is a friend for the loveys! I really love this virtuoso bear and look forward to adding snuggles with ludwig to our nightly bedtime routine."

— mommykatie.com

coolest mom EVER”

"when my oldest two children were quite young (definitely not so young anymore), we used to listen to classical music quite often.  they would tell me I was the coolest mom EVER! you can all be the coolest mom’s EVER too!

— thestuffofsuccess.com


“inspires a love of classical music for children"

"printed inside the hidden pocket (..) is a first-person note 'from Ludwig Beethoven' that explains when and where he was born, and how he developed a love of musical composition. It's very sweet and has inspired my older son to take to youtube to discover even more of the songs that were created by the famous composer."

— mail4rosey.com

“so much to love.  it’s classical music made fun.”

— Boyce

Your child will be able to bring their friend (Virtuoso Bear) everywhere and enjoy the music at home in their bed, on the go, during travel (perhaps at a hotel overnight), and even if the power goes out.
— lindsaysatmary.com

loved by whole families